Our Story
In 2013, I had the interest in opening my own storefront boutique in Cushing, Oklahoma called Tiger Paw. I was not currently working anywhere, I was a stay-at-home mom while my husband, Chris worked for a Pipeline company. I've always had a passion for clothing, fashion, and helping women be their most confident self. So, since my three kids were grown and didn't need my attention 24/7, I opened my own boutique. After 2 years of having my store, our family decided to foster! I wanted to be able to work from home while taking care of our 2-year-old boy who we had started to foster. I loved what I did and had no desire to close my boutique completely. I had the idea of running my boutique online and shutting down my storefront. I moved my boutique online and renamed it Modern Frills. Our name Modern Frills is inspired from my mom and nana. They handmade all of us kids frilly outfits to wear when I was a little girl. I added modern to fit it into today's fashion. That is what brings us here today!

Our Vision
Our saying here at Modern Frills is "Smiles Never Go Out Of Style!". We want every single woman to have a smile on their face while wearing not just Modern Frills, but anything and everything! We strive for all woman to be confident and empowered by what we stand for. We want to provide trendy and stylish clothing while also making all we have affordable. We stand by serving women of all shapes, size, and race. No woman will go unseen in our eyes!

We love hearing from our customers about what makes you smile, feel more confident, and more!

All Our Love, 
The Modern Frills Girls